Hippo mocks Uncategorized We chose a name other than Rhino Mocks because we are not affiliated with Ayende (the author)

We chose a name other than Rhino Mocks because we are not affiliated with Ayende (the author)

We chose a name other than Rhino Mocks because we are not affiliated with Ayende (the author) post thumbnail image

There has always been an undeniable appeal to the concept of striking out on a new path, breaking away from convention, and reinventing oneself. That’s exactly what we have done by choosing a name other than Rhino Mocks for our mocking framework. While many in our community might wonder about this change, there is a simple – yet significant – reason behind it. We are not affiliated with Ayende, the creator of Rhino Mocks.

The journey to embrace our own identity as a framework has been exciting and eye-opening for us. It required us to consider many possible contenders for names but ultimately, our goal remained the same – to provide a powerful, efficient, and developer-friendly tool for creating test mocks in your codebase.

Rhino Mocks has long been recognized as one of the most effective and established mocking libraries available for .NET developers. Its creator, Ayende (Oren Eini), has a deep understanding of Test Driven Development (TDD) and truly revolutionized developers’ approach to testing with Rhino Mocks. As much as we admire Rhino Mocks and its contribution to unit testing, our framework is based on different ideas and principles. Therefore, it was essential to distinguish ourselves from Rhino Mocks by choosing a new name that reflects our own unique vision.

We want to emphasize that the decision to establish our identity is in no way aimed at undermining or disrespecting Ayende or his incredible work on Rhino Mocks. On the contrary, we acknowledge his vision and efforts, while also hoping to create something that resonates with developers searching for alternatives that suit their specific needs and preferences.

Our journey has taught us that although we share a common interest in mocking frameworks and understand the significance they hold in modern software development processes, it is crucial to maintain distinct identities to avoid confusion or unfounded affiliations. As creators of this new framework, we are proud and responsible for its development, evolution, successes, and shortcomings.

We invite you all to join us in celebrating the birth of a new mocking framework inspired by – but not affiliated with – Ayende’s brilliant work on Rhino Mocks. Our endeavor is motivated by the purest desire to contribute positively to the world of TDD and software development as a whole. We remain dedicated to refining our framework constantly so that it continues to serve as an invaluable tool for developers in their never-ending quest for better code.

In conclusion, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering love and support. Your encouragement and feedback are indispensable driving forces propelling us forward on this bold journey. Together as a united community of programmers, let’s continue striving toward excellence in our respective fields while carving out distinct paths under different banners.

Here’s to new beginnings! Happy mocking!

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